Ultimate Paintball-Firing Security System

The World’s 1st Smart Paintball Security System!


Paintball-Firing Security System

Revolutionize your home defense with cutting-edge technology.

Introducing the ultimate home security alarm system - PaintCam Smart Home Security. Our cutting-edge security system for home provides unparalleled protection, ensuring your family's safety and giving you ultimate peace of mind.

PaintCam's advanced technology detects both humans and pets, utilizing state-of-the-art facial recognition to distinguish between welcome guests and potential intruders. In the event of an unwanted intrusion, our system springs into action, deploying paintball markers or tear gas to deter the intruder and mark them for easy identification by authorities.

Automatic Target Marking

PaintCam takes action, marking intruders with precision using paintballs or tear gas projectiles.

Elevate your security from passive protection to active deterrence with PaintCam – ensuring swift, effective responses for your peace of mind.

Ai Based Decision Making

A vigilant guardian that doesn’t sleep, blink, or miss a beat.

With advanced AI technology EVE can detect and track objects in real-time while seamlessly adapting to challenging low-light conditions. But it doesn’t stop there; her intelligence extends to recognizing individuals, animals, and various objects with precision.


Security Made Simple.

Live Monitoring

Customizable Alerts

Facial Recognition

Paintball & Teargas Activation

Playback & Video Storage

Remote Access

Monitor your space in real-time from anywhere, blending security seamlessly into your lifestyle. And don’t worry, if you lose internet access, PaintCam can do it’s job autonomously.

Face Recognition

If an unknown face appears next to someone known – perhaps your daughter’s new boyfriend – PaintCam defers to your instructions. It’s security on your terms, even if your kids don’t always follow them.

Area Selection

Through our app, select and define the areas you want to protect. Whether it’s the front door or your cherished possessions, with PaintCam, protection is personalized,ensuring your space is fortified exactly as you envision. Your security, your way.


World’s 1st Smart Paintball Security System!

With no substitute in the market, we’re creating a new standard in active protection at home.

It’s the perfect fusion of video security and physical presence – an unintrusive design that stands as a beacon of safety, founded and powered by next-generation technology.

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PaintCam Videos

Introducing EVE

Prototype Testing

Prototype Testing

PaintCam Movie

Introducing EVE

Prototype Testing

Prototype Testing

PaintCam Movie

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